Grizzly bear - Rising Storm
Unite to Fight!

Storm Warnings!

There is a terrible storm on the horizon - taking a literal aim at ecologically essential species.

If you have found your way to Rising Storm, you have already done the research required to realize that wildlife in America, after many years of conservation efforts, is under attack from multiple elements that all are adept at manipulating our legislators and the public. You already know that the majority of citizens support wildlife conservation and you're realizing that until large numbers of this majority make a public stand, much of our wildlife is at risk of deliberate and often premeditated extermination.

You may wonder if it's too late to save some species, but history has proven that when large numbers of concerned citizens peacefully, lawfully, and publicly make a stand - legislators begin to listen. The media begins to listen. Changes are made!

Quick Overview

Much as a back-fire can stop a wildfire in its tracks, conservation supporters need to counter this legislative storm with a storm of our own! We must be prepared for feet-on-the-ground opposition to wildlife extermination - and we must have significant numbers to be effective.

When petition sites first began to offer related petitions after we've signed one, it was a hint of a necessary beginning. In addition to the huge conservation organizations out there, there are multitudes of smaller ones dedicated to either a specific species or region that is under attack. Every minute of their time and every penny they can scrape together is already committed to the work they are doing.

So let's get busy! Sign up! We need to make ourselves available for events in our area if we want to drive changes for a healthy nation!

A factor affecting their work is the availability of citizen advocates who are ready to attend and support events designed to force the deficient news media to report on critical issues. The availability of advocates willing and able to attend public meetings and scheduled discussions with legislators is also vital! Yes, our legislators are aware that the majority of citizens support wildlife and environment conservation, but they will not act on these issues until they see us actually standing in their office. Why? A good guess is that many politicians could care less what their constituents support if those voters are not motivated enough to show their faces. Until then, the special interest groups that ply our leaders with gifts [gifts can easily be read as bribes], and offer money for campaigns - will hold the attention and focus of our elected officials! That may not be the way our government is supposed to work, but it is an easily recognized fact.